1. Numerous months ago I previously obtained mild Gyno from dbol, methylstenbolone, and other harsh compounds on my first couple runs which was a huge mistake and due to lack of knowledge. I got blood work done afterwards and everything was fine.I haven't touched ph's since. But now, about 6-8 months later I now Have Nolva coming so hopefully it will help gyno before starting another cycle. I've been preloading on purus labs organ shield for about 2 weeks. Soon I will start hdrol, 50/75/75/75/75/75. Milk thistle throughout, same with cycle assist and Hawthorne. I have bcaa, mega men multi and serious mass weight gainer. have Erase too but haven't researched completely yet on dosage and the best way to use it. I have havoc and trenbolone, mdrol.also have pct assist and am going to have to get more SERMs I guess. U guys think clomid?

    I'm not planning on running all these compounds at once but will stack something. Suggestions?

  2. Trenbolone and M-Drol may convert to Prolactin, which may cause Gyno. ATD or Nolva will probably not help, I am not sure with Nolva.

    You want to gain mass or look better? Loose weight?

  3. hdrol does not convert to estrogen. Nolva will be fine to prevent gyno in the future, but chances of ridding pre existing gyno are slim

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