Orally Active IGF-1?

  1. Orally Active IGF-1?

    Got an e-mail about an orally active IGF-1 today. I thought that it would degrade in the stomach and liver and be worthless? What does eveyone think?

  2. You would be thinking correct.
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  3. Ahh. Thats what I thought.

  4. I recieved a notice about orally active Igf that was developed by a group who has supposedly developed an orally active insulin which will go to market soon.

    I think it'll be a "wait and see" situation for myself.

  5. I have seen/read about development of an orally active insulin to alleviate 2-3X Daily shots for diabetics. If (a big IF) this were true, then insulin being a protein peptide, they should (a big SHOULD) be able to make all/most protein peptides orally stable/active, i.e., IGF and GH, utilizing the same technology. One can only hope.......

  6. Id be interested in seeing how they would allow proteins to keep their structure throughout digestion, do they mention anything about the mechanism of action?

  7. I think ibe labs is coming out with it soon. I just say their post up of it on another board a few minutes ago, this is what it said....

    IBE Nutrition has been working in partnership with a research and development company that focuses on the most effective formulations for drug delivery and drug delivery discovery. They would like to focus primarily on Pharmaceutical drugs and delivery technologies and have chosen not to currently focus on the expansion of manufacturing dietary supplements except for the few they are currently developing such as our Oral IGF-1-LR3, Anatropin. They develop new technologies to deliver drugs more effectively, conveniently, safely and with fewer side effects. This company works solely with pharmaceutical development with exception to IBE Nutrition. This allows them focus on our company’s needs, such as, future product development and bulk production as well as their pharmaceutical direction without distraction. Out of respect for their privacy the company name will not be disclosed.
    It is customary for companies during preliminary study release of products, to use discretion for the sources revealed and the extent of formulation, pharmacological, and composition data openly published. We are using every caution to protect from false duplication and/or right infringement while we initiate open marketing of such a valuable product.

    What is Anatropin
    AnaTropin™ is a patent pending composition that delivers IGF-1-LR3, including other similar large peptides, to the blood. Signaling occurs from specific Insulin and Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) receptors that regulate and transcribe the message allowing for site-specific receptor binding. Anatropin utilizes oral absorption to deliver into the portal blood allowing a sustained, pulsatile delivery resulting in a better utilization and potentially safer form of IGF administration in comparison to injection.
    Pre clinical trials show that this particular form of oral absorption of Human Recombinant Insulin delivers the insulin, orally, for greater than 24 hours as well as absorbing orally at a rate of greater than 61%. Because of this pusatile motion and slow absorption into the blood, IGF can have a longer half-life per dose. The rate Anatropin mediates through the cell replicates the natural IGF secretion. This is also true with the Insulin study relative to the rate of natural, pancreatic secretion of Insulin from beta cells. This allows Anatropin to deliver at a constant equilibrium and sustained longer half-life.
    Also, Anatropin will not be overdosed in the blood because it will effectively replicate natural cell mediation and the rate of diffusion into the blood will not “spike? blood plasma IGF levels where IGF is active (IGF is only active in circulatory blood).

    Ground-Breaking Technology
    IBE utilizes a technology that is clinically proven to mimic injection yielding high bioavailability and non-degradation of the drug. Current clinical trials have shown this technology to achieve near 100% bioavailability of Insulin through oral absorption. Studies show that greater than 61% Insulin is absorbed in blood plasma utilizing this technology. No oral delivery method of Insulin has yet to achieve prescription status including FDA approval. Currently, this Insulin drug is beginning Phase 3 Clinical Trials.

    Oral Bioavailability Study on Insulin
    Our partner has completed several bioavailability studies for its Insulin drug. An independent 3rd Party Laboratory with over 30 years of clinical, toxicological and pharmacological experience has performed all studies referenced in this release. The pharmacologists’ involved have experience with such companies as; Bristol Meyer, Squibb and Dupont. We are having these same studies conducted on Anatropin as we speak.
    Their studies have revealed a minimum of 61% absorption in a 24 hour to 48 hour time period and are reported to achieve near 100% bioavailability upon further study. Currently this Insulin is undergoing a diseased study (Diabetes Induced Study) that will determine higher bioavailability in 48 hours. Also, the FDA will file this drug as an “Investigational New Drug? in 2005.

    Why is insulin relevant?

    Insulin and IGF (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) are almost identical and IGF and Insulin share the same binding receptors. The problem with IGF is that it has only a half-life in the blood for 15-20 minutes and is not biologically active in oral administration. IGF has poor to no absorption orally. IGF is very similar, almost identical to Human Recombinant Insulin. The pre-clinical studies (which we offer for your review) can be directly correlated between the Insulin and IGF with a minimum 61% oral absorption in the blood with 24-48 hour sustainability. They have similar amino acid sequence and pharmacology.
    IGF also mimics insulin in the human body. It makes muscles more sensitive to the effects of insulin, therefore allowing a person currently using insulin to effectively lower their dosages and still achieve the same response as well as the ability of IGF to keep the insulin from increasing fat.
    Because of the recent pro-hormone/steroid ban, there is a need for a muscle-building supplement that is as good as 4-AD, 1-AD and 1-Testosterone. IGF at 61% absorption and 24-48 hour sustainability orally, will be better than any pro-hormone/steroid and even will be better than IGF injection because the sustainability is much longer. This remarkable technology is protected with our internationally filed patent to ensure protection against possible infringement from competitors.

    Oral vs. Injectible
    Current methods of delivery rely on injection to maximize dosage and to ensure no degradation of the drug occurs. Current injections of IGF can only bind a quantitative amount of IGF dependent on the receptor availability and half-life of the IGF per injected dose. Because a needle penetrating the cell surface bypasses cell-mediated endocytosis, there’s no natural cell diffusion to control the IGF’s absorption into portal blood.
    Currently, the only effective forms of IGF injections include IGF-1-LR3 Media and Receptor grades. As a matter of fact, there have been recent findings proving that unregulated levels of IGF in the bloodstream can put an individual at risk of dysphasia and stomach enlargement due to IGF overdose. The Anatropin formulation eliminates this risk with its unique and precise systematic release of IGF-1-LR3 into the bloodstream during the 24-48 hour time frame of absorption. When blood levels reach a point of saturation of IGF-1-LR3 administration stops and resumes when levels reach safer concentrations.
    In layman’s terms, injection administration results in an unregulated release of IGF-1-LR3 into the bloodstream, which leaves a higher risk of resultant dysphasia and stomach enlargement causing significant safety concerns. Anatropin safely administers IGF-1-LR3 into the bloodstream throughout a 24-48 hour time frame. With better utilization, Anatropin proves to be more effective and holds a significantly less chance of overdose in the blood. This fact along with completely eliminating the painful daily injections required are only a few of the advantages Anatropin holds over current IGF injections.

    Benefits of IGF-1-LR3 Supplementation
    Long R3 IGF-1 is an amino acid analog of IGF-1. This analog of IGF-1-LR3 has been produced with the purpose of increasing the biological activity of the IGF peptide and remains as the only feasibly effective injectable form of IGF available on the market. Long R3 IGF-1 is significantly more potent than IGF-1 and its enhanced potency is result of the decreased binding of IGF-1-LR3 to all known IGF binding proteins. These binding proteins normally inhibit the biological actions of IGF.
    In early human developmental phases, IGF is responsible for the natural muscle growth that occurs. There are many functionalities of IGF in the human body including increased amino acid transport to cells, increased glucose transport, increased protein synthesis, decreased protein degradation and increased RNA synthesis. Active IGF responds differently in different types of tissues. For example, muscle cell proteins and associated cell components are effectively stimulated. Protein synthesis is increased along with amino acid absorption. Acting as a source of energy, IGF will mobilize fat for use as energy in adipose tissue. In response within lean tissue, IGF will prevent insulin from transporting glucose across cell membranes. The result of this activity will be a switch within the cells to burning fat as a source of energy.
    One of the most remarkable effects of IGF supplementation is its ability to cause hyperplasia, which is the actual splitting of cells. Hypertrophy is the result of weight training, which is the increase of the size of a muscle cell, but hyperplasia signifies actual muscle cell replication. In adulthood, we reach a plateau in muscle cell count. Weight training will effectively increase the size of these pre-existing cells but still will have its limitations in effective muscle gain. IGF supplementation will actually increase the number of muscle cells present in the tissue and throughout muscle training will create the added benefit of larger, increased muscle cell counts. So in a way you are able to manipulate your genetic capabilities in relation to muscle tissue and cell generation. IGF will uniquely define the number of various types of cells present in the body. At a genetic level it has the potential to alter your capacity to build superior muscle density and design.
    Although we have concentrated our focus on muscle cell development benefits, there are many more cell growth and regeneration benefits IGF has to offer including vital organ repair and growth, immune system strengthening, anti-aging benefits, fat cell decrease and overall body repair with a new found vitality.

    What will Anatropin do for you? There will be no more need to use IGF-1-LR3 dissolved in Benzyl Alcohol in injectible form. Anatropin will be individually dosed and put an end to the ultimate question of 1mg premixed vials and shelf life. Each dose will have a half-life of 24-48 hours instead of the 6 hour half-life currently available.
    This product that we are offering will be the most talked about supplement introduction of its time. What we are doing is venturing into territory where no man or woman, have ever dared capable of doing. We know this product is not only groundbreaking and milestone setting in the muscle building supplement industry, but will define the direction of overall nutritional supplementation period. Simply put, it is unsurpassed in comparison. To say the least, we should all credit this Godsend-opportunity in no small part to the recent enforcement and developments in the supplement industry by our very own President George W. Bush. If it weren’t for the strict limitations being enforced, we may never have taken our research in the direction needed to develop our own solution to the demand for quality muscle building products. Now that the shelves have been cleared of all middle-of-the-road prohormone supplements and at the same time all the wanna-be-muscle supplement manufacturers it is time for the next era of true muscle development science to unfold. This product is in no way one of the existing infamous “commodity? muscle formulas or a “me-too-type? protein drinks. There has been NO other prior formula or product like this. Because of our state-of-the-art patented delivery method, our formula will prove to be far more superior when compared with other inferiorly produced “commodity? muscle supplements.

  8. Thanks for posting that.

  9. Pharmaceutical companies have been tryng to find a way to deliver insulin orally for many years and have not been able to. I highly doubt this company will even come close. Its just almost impossoble to get any type of long chain peptide past the stomach withouth DRASTIC modifications to deilvery.
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  10. We'll wait for the bb.com kids to fork it out for this stuff first. Always nice to have plenty of beta testers out there. lol

  11. I am definitely skeptical, but I will keep updated on it. Lol bioman. Bobo are there any articles on the techniques these pharmaceutical companies experimented with for oral delivery of long chain peptides, I would be interested in seeing the different mechanisms they have experimented with.


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