1. HGH / HDROL LOG opinion please-help

    I have decided I am going to lose all this belly fat I have gained and start a cycle. I have tried many Pro Hormones such as tren ethyl esters, M1T, M1D and some others, even took epistane/clen/t3 last summer and lost 40lbs 220 - 180. My weight bounces up and down. I have been working out for about a month consistently again and want some added motivation. So here is my next stack starting in about a week or two. Ultimate goal is to be a solid and not fat 185-175. Once I start I'll post pics and progress Before I start my cycle I am going to look into correct dosages of each and post on here. Wish me luck and any input is welcome. I know I am a noob but I once posted on a car forum and just got blasted so its turned me away from forums in general. Help is always welcomed from the vets. Should I add anything else?

    27/5'5" 205 definitely endomorph

    H Drol, HGH kigtropin,
    protex for cycle assist,
    clomiphene and anastrozole for pct.

    Iíll be using Jack3d micro for a pre-workout, optimum nutrion gold standard protein, musclepharm glutamine and amino1 for maintenance along with a daily vitamin regiment of vitamin c, *** mega mens multi, milk thistle and taurine
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  2. I ain't gonna put you on blast, but what's up with your massive weight swings? Sounds like you need to work on your diet and maintaining some consistency. It sounds like you use the juice as a quick fix, but due to your diet and what I am presuming are inadequacies in your training, you don't maintain it. From my experience with hormones, weightlifting, etc THE most important factor will be your diet. Once you get your diet dialed in, and can maintain consistency in diet and training, THEN think about the juice. But to each his own. People are gonna do what they want to do, and I'm not here to flame you, I'm just giving you my honest advice from the info you've provided. So assuming you are going to do this, your cycle looks pretty good. I loved h-drol. It was my very first hormonal, and it sparked a love affair with other hormonals. SO, let me give you the best advice for this compound:
    -take fish oil, multivitamin, and TAURINE. Lots of taurine. I got bad calf/back cramps on h-drol and the taurine helps
    - you need something for cortisol control in PCT. Try Erase.
    - stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. H-drol is dry, and will dry you out.
    Other than that, train hard, eat right and watch your macros. I've never tried the growth hormones (I'm afraid of getting an enlarged heart or something), so I have no advice there. I guess the only other word of advice I could give you is to add about 500mg of Test E a week, but not everyone has access to legit gear, or are afraid of needles. If you have the cajones, add a test base. It will do wonders for your mood as well as your physique, and if you have a girlfriend, she'll love (or hate haha) the new, virile you. I was constantly having to rub one out while on cycle. Sometimes up to 10 times a day!! Haha Best thing about it in my opinion


  3. I appreciate the response. You are spot on when mentioning I couldn't keep my diet in control. Most of it was due to alcohol. I am starting to maintain consistency and the motivation to continue progressing and making it a complete lifestyle change. I went ahead and purchased more taurine and erase. At what dosage did you have success with HDrol?

  4. If I recall correctly, 75mg was the sweet spot. I can't recall exactly, I ran it back in January 2011. I do remember going too high on it (it was my first hormonal and I was liking the results) and when I went too high I got workout killing cramps in my legs and back. I think I tried dosing it at 100mg, and it was no bueno. My most vivid memory of that cycle was THE most crippling leg cramp after finishing a 4 mile run. My leg locked up, and it felt like the muscle was tensing so hard my femur would break. So don't do that lol. Keeping the dose lower I can lift weights all day, but cardio gets killed. Even if I'm not cramping on h-drol, I know by week 5 I'll have developed shin splints (why this is I have no idea), and I'll be running like an old man. So yeah, start off at 50mg week one, then do 5 weeks at 75mg. It takes about 2 weeks to really kick in, and then you'll have a month of some fun, strength exploding workouts.

  5. Everyones different but 100 was good for me. Min sides, didn't have enough to try 125.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by X2006ibm View Post
    Everyones different but 100 was good for me. Min sides, didn't have enough to try 125.
    I think you're right actually. I think I tried 125, and THEN I cramped bad. It was 2 years ago and I don't have my log in front of me, so I think I did run it at 100mg. Anyway, you're also correct about everyone being different. Start off at 50mg, then work up to 100. If it's too much, lower to 75mg

  7. Yeah thats what I did to, my first cycle. If I were to run hdrol again id go 75/75/100/100/100/100.

  8. Honestly 100 was too much for me. 75 was great.

    Although, I think you'd be better off with an OTC fat burner. Or maybe even ECA stack. But hormones when you don't have your diet on lock isn't the right way to go.

    Also, I had blood pressure issues on hdrol, so to me, taking jack3d would cause a sever headache.

  9. I appreciate all the responses and insight. The more people tell me to keep my diet in check (which I am currently) the better motivation I have to keep it that way. However, I am going to do this. With ECA and OTC's I've had worse sides than clen alone or clen and t3. Of course if I decided to run clen I'd stay away from any stimulants. Ill make sure to check my blood pressure though and dose down if I get major headaches.

  10. started off at 75 will move to 100 next week. If I am not to feel any effects during the first two weeks would I know to move up to 100 in a week? I also started 2iu of gh 5 days on 2 days off. Of course the goal is to get better body composition. Currently my waist is at 39". Of course training and workouts will get much harder and more extensive but I am limited on time. I am a full time student and have a full time job but I'll make time. Again all input is much appreciated.
    Jan 13
    Run 25 minutes. Avg Heart rate 162.
    Warm up set
    incline dumb bell press [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
    Dumb Bell flat bench [email protected]/[email protected]
    Dumb Bell incline fly [email protected]
    Cable flys mid [email protected]
    Cable flys top [email protected]
    Cable flys bottom [email protected]
    jan 14
    run 25 min avg heartrate 160
    lat pulldown wide grip [email protected]/[email protected]
    lat pulldown close grip [email protected]
    bent over barbell row [email protected]
    single arm dumb bell row [email protected]
    cable reverse fly [email protected]
    jan 15
    squat - [email protected]/[email protected]
    deadlift [email protected]
    hamstring curl [email protected]
    leg extension [email protected]
    hammer strength v-squat 3x82140lbs
    dumb bell shoulder press [email protected]
    cable lateral shoulder raise [email protected]/[email protected]
    cable shoulder raise front [email protected]
    dumb bell shrugs [email protected]
    straight bar curl [email protected]
    tricep straight bar push down [email protected]
    alternating dumb bell curl [email protected]
    rope tricep extension [email protected]
    reverse curl [email protected]
    reverse grip tricep extension single arm [email protected]
    cable curl [email protected]
    skull crushers 3x10 at 70
    Increasing to 100mg daily on HDrol/2iu

    I also need to force myself to do the cardio.

  11. Damn dude, that's quite a heart rate to maintain for such a long time. Not saying that it's bad, I just wouldn't want to do such an intense run before weight training. Maybe after, but not before. I used to do long, 5 mile runs before weight training, figuring I was "in-shape" and could handle it. Granted, I could finish my workouts, but when I moved my cardio to after weight training, I noticed I was much more intense during my lifting, and had more stamina. Additionally, your body will be in "fat burning mode" from your lifting session, giving an added metabolic boost to your cardio.

  12. I have been doing intervals trying to increase my mile time for military testing. I prefer to have a gap in between cardio and weights. AM cardio is preferred but I have a hard time waking up. I might just add it to the end of my work outs.

  13. Im on day 29 of Helladrol and its my 2nd day @ 100. So far so good but today is my first workout at this dose. We shall see but I am def getting great gains on this run. I just feel like a damn 6'6" beast haha

    If I were you I'd wait until you can be certain what 75 feels like. There's no point if you haven't even felt what 75 will put you at. I waited at least a week after starting to feel it at 75.

  14. Yeah on my third week the pain on my joints on shoulder day was awful.

  15. Get yourself some Glucosamine Chondroitin Msm


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