Ligaments and Tendons

  1. Ligaments and Tendons

    Hi I am new to this site. I am not a bodybuilder but a very active 51 year old male. My sport is riding and racing dirt bikes at a national level. I train sport pacific and have been lucky without injuries. Just recently I tore ligaments in my hand and arm and had to have surgery to repair my bicep tendon. I am 4 weeks post-op and taking Cissus. I have heard and been reading a lot about HGH or IGF-1GH for ligament and tendon strength and repair. I start physical therapy in 2 weeks, and could use any suggestions that could be helpful on these products and the proper usage so I can continue at the level I am. Thanks

  2. I would suggest using IGF-1 DES. Making injections near the injury right before and/or after physical therapy. HGH would probably help a bit too. but IGF-1 DES is probably your best bang for the buck.

    I'd also buy collagen in bulk off amazon and eat like 5-20 grams of that a day too. And buy BCAAs in bulk and eat 20 or so grams of them a day too. Those stimulate collagen and protein synthesis. Combined with local IGF-1 DES injections around the injury, you will have some epic healing occurring!

  3. Thanks kevus

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rlmat2g View Post
    Thanks kevus

    You're welcome, best to your recovery!

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