Is my SEROSTIM real??

  1. Is my SEROSTIM real?? pics!!!!

    I just wanted to check if you guys thought it was real. I picked up 5kits from a very reliable source, but you never know. Anyway, its in the box with the square hologram that kinda has a goldish reflection to it. The back of the box has a bar code with a diff # under it on each box. There are bar codes and lot #'s on several places on the boxes. Also insided the box it has an instruction manual with a hologram on that as well. All 5 boxes have a Lot #, a date and a code
    Lot # is 6440305D04
    Date is 12/05
    Code is 0440101A
    6vials with powder and blue tops and 6vials with water and white tops. Sound real. Anything else to check for. Also on one of the boxes it looks like a guy had it prescribed to him, b/c it had a script on it that he ripped off so you wouldnt see his name, but he didnt rip it all off. I could make out "serostim, 6mg refill"
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  2. pics
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  3. bump?? somebody's had to seen 05 serostim? Mods? Anyone?

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