Ghrp-2/Mod Grf 1-29 vs igf-1 lr3

  1. Ghrp-2/Mod Grf 1-29 vs igf-1 lr3

    Im looking for some insight on next cycle, I am considering either running ghrp-2 stacked with Mod grd 1-29 or just doing igf-lr3. I have read almost everything online and still cannot decide. I am looking to gain some lean muscle and also increased strength. one thing to consider is drug testing. i have read that since the igf-1 lr3 is an IM injection it never enters the blood stream so there is nothing to worry about in a urine drug test. any insight is appreciated thanks alot

  2. igf will still enter the blood stream if injected IM. It will actually enter more quickly than sub q. LR3 is also commonly injected sub q btw.

    LR3 is detectable by some drug tests. but unless you are an athlete I don't think you have to worry.

  3. The drug testing I am talking is NCAA, so I'm not sure if lr3 would show up, I'm looking Into des since that its half life is less then 30min

  4. I'd go with DES or LR3. If you're a young athlete I don't think youd notice a whole lot from the others.

  5. what do you think about ncaa testing and detection of DES


    I don't have enough posts to post a link but if you add a (w) to the beginning of this it takes you to their drug testing page. Under FAQ it says that peptide hormones are banned. This would include IGF DES.

    You can also look and see there testing results. Nobody has tested positive for peptides other than HCG recently

    IGF DES seems like it would be very hard to detect. Especially through urine. but I'm no expert so can't say really.

    If you google, igf drug tests, or IGF DES drug tests there is some info.

    Good luck!


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