Whats the natural IGF-1 range?

  1. Whats the natural IGF-1 range?

    I cannot find the information online, where can I find the natural production levels of IGF-1? I did lab work and doc told me mine were 123

  2. lab #s on igf are very sketchy and unreliable. too many variables to get a concensus on one lab being done

  3. Thanks for the reply. I am seeing swale and he is ordering me GH treatment.I will be doing another test in a month, so we'll see how the numbers turns out.

  4. The lab values range for a test I had last fall was 71-290 ng/mL. Quest Nichols in San Juan Capistrano.

  5. Thanks for the reply. I will get a copy of my lab work hopefully in a week or two and will see what the range on it. The doc said he wants to see my levels at 300.



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