Diluting IGF 1?

  1. Diluting IGF 1?

    Hey guys,

    I have just recieved my first vial of IGF - 1.

    Anyway, looking at the 1 ml vial, I imagine it is very tricky getting out 1.5 -2.0 units every time, as I will draw out twice a day. (I will be using 30 - 40 mcg's a day)
    The margin for error here is very small.

    I was considering adding 4 ml ( to make a total of 5ml ) of BA, that way I can draw out 7.5 - 10 units each time.

    that way I can be far more accurate with the doses.

    Apart from possible BA sterility problems can anyone esle see any issues here?
    I was also going to mix BA with AA ( as the IGF comes in AA), I don't see this as a problem though.

  2. I see the BA and AA mix is more of a problem than the BA sterility.. mainly because of the difference in consistency of AA and BA... but I might be shooting in the dark on that one...

  3. I am not sure BA and AA mix?(they might seperate, like oil and water)not sure though.

    Just remember more BA=more ouch

  4. Pain is my middle name!

  5. BA is water soluable

  6. I realise i can put water in the vial but doing so would just make it deteriorate much faster.

    Serioulsy though, sticking a needle into a 1ml vial 50 times seems crazy. surely a lot is going to be wasted while fiddeling around.
    i will just try to get some more AA and mix that in making up about 5ml's.


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