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    I hear ya man, same here. At first I felt like an ass for not giving more direct answers and encouraging him to research himself, so when I saw your willingness to help out I figured I'd supplement as well.

    :: time wasted ::

    This guy doesn't even take time to read the replies to his OWN thread, for HIS benefit. He's definitely not going to do any research.

    I'm sure he'll let us know when he gets that first bump under his nipples and starts to panic.
    Hi Guys,
    Bullhead, pisces style apology for me last posts, i had to pretend rude in order to dig more information that was my intention was. In fact after bull head remarks i stopped my cycle there and then tried to find out more information from different forums and also hired very experience trainer who have over 30 years of knowledge. He was observing me from last one month and finally today he suggest me the below program as per my strength and tolerate level, i love to see yours comments and suggestion about it.

    1 - 4 Weeks: HGH 2 IU + T3 25 Mcg
    5 - 6 Weeks: HGH 2 IU + T3 12.5 Mcg
    7 - 8 Weeks: BREAK In order to research

    Above cycle has finished, and my trainer suggested me below cycle:

    9 week: 2 IU HGH + Var 40 mg
    10 week: 2 IU HGH + Var 40 Mg + Test 1 mg / week
    11 week: 2 IU HGH + Var 40 Mg + Test 2 Mg / week
    12 - 13 week: 2 IU HGH + Var 40 MG + Test 2 Mg / week + Nolvadex
    14 Week: 2 IU + Var 20 Mg + Test 2 Mg / Week + Nolvadex
    15 Week: 2 IU + Test 2 Mg / Week + Nolvadex
    16 Week: 2 IU + Test 1 Mg / Week + Nolvadex
    17 Week: Test 1 Mg / Week + Nolvadex + HCG
    18 - 19 Week: HCG

    Thats it.. Waiting for yours comments.

  2. What's the reason behind going up and down with test? also why drop to 20 mg last week of Var?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst View Post
    What's the reason behind going up and down with test? also why drop to 20 mg last week of Var?
    Because it is my first cycle after 6 years thats why he wanted me to start from the low dose and end on the low dose and he also wanted to see my muscle memory that how they will react..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst View Post
    What's the reason behind going up and down with test? also why drop to 20 mg last week of Var?
    Yeah because it'll be my first cycle after 6 years, so my trainer wanted me to go slow on low dose and also finish on low dose in order to see my muscle memories and how my body will react.

  5. To go down on Var is a waste and to go up and down with test might not be good for you. I would fire your "trainer"

  6. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst View Post
    To go down on Var is a waste and to go up and down with test might not be good for you. I would fire your "trainer"
    Okay i'll discuss your point with my trainer and also to cross check with another trainer and then let you know.
  7. merderah
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    i didn't read the whole thread, just the first page... OP you're going at it wrong. really.

    if you must run test/hgh/t3, at least do it wisely. you haven't read enough on this to make an informed decision, so i'd be worried of your safety and results. if i were you, i'd run it like this;

    300-350mg test/wk (depending on ester... 300 of prop, or 350 of enan/cyp) for 14-16 weeks (maybe longer, just cruise)
    2-3iu hgh for 26 weeks
    a couple (hopefully just one is good enough) runs of t3 @ 25mcg max.
    0.5 arimidex EOD or ED if you're susceptible to bloat or water retention
    must have torem or tamox for pct
    *nice to have*
    hcg or clomiphene (clomid)

    ideally, you want to start your test a good month or two after hgh. do not take t3 until you start test, just don't. if taking prop, start your t3 after 2 weeks, if taking enan/cyp take t3 about 4 weeks in. taper your t3 up, starting at 12.5mcg/daily. less is more. you do not need to taper off, just stop after 4 weeks. take a couple weeks off and you can do it 1 more time if you're still not satisfied with results. if you go back on t3, make sure you have at least 2 weeks of test left at the end of your second t3 run. that test will save you from rebounding badly - and keep your diet in check. eventually you'll end the test and be left with hgh which alone will help you preserve your gains (and fat loss) made on test/t3. hgh has been known to be a good anti-cortisol and does not suppress test levels - which would attribute to it's awesome pct worthiness.

    notes about t3: be careful NOT to mess with it at too high of a dose, it will just eat you up. make sure you eat at your maintenance level but don't over eat. at 25mcg, you should be a bit warmer feeling but nothing too wild. you should feel great from the test/hgh combo. king of the world kinda vibe.

  8. Hey guys what about this study

    1: J Hepatol. 1996 Mar;24(3):313-9. Related Articles, Links

    Effects of long-term growth hormone (GH) and triiodothyronine (T3) administration on functional hepatic nitrogen clearance in normal man.

    Wolthers T, Grofte T, Moller N, Vilstrup H, Jorgensen JO.

    Department of Medicine M (Endocrinology and Diabetes), Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

    BACKGROUND/AIMS: A decline in urea excretion is seen following long-term growth hormone administration, reflecting overall protein anabolism. Conversely, hyperthyroidism is characterized by increased urea synthesis and negative nitrogen metabolism. These seemingly opposite effects are presumed to reflect different actions on peripheral protein metabolism. The extent to which these hormonal systems have different direct effects on hepatic urea genesis has not been fully characterized. METHODS: We measured urea nitrogen synthesis rates and blood alanine levels concomitantly before, during, and after a 4-h constant intravenous infusion of alanine (2 bw-1.h-1). Urea nitrogen synthesis rate was estimated hourly as urinary excretion corrected for gut hydrolysis and accumulation in body water. The slope of the linear relationship between urea nitrogen synthesis rate and alanine concentration represents the liver function as to conversion of amino-N, and is denoted the functional hepatic nitrogen clearance. Eight normal male subjects (age 21-27 years; body mass index 22.4-27.0 kg/m2) were randomly studied four times: 1) after 10 days of subcutaneous saline injections, 2) after 10 days of subcutaneous growth hormone injections (0.1 IU/kg per day), 3) after 10 days of triiodothyronine administration (40 micrograms on even dates, 20 micrograms on uneven dates) and 4) after 10 days given 2)+3). All injections were given at 20 00 h. RESULTS: Growth hormone decreased functional hepatic nitrogen clearance (l/h) by 30% (from 33.8 +/- 3.2 l/h (control) to 23.8 +/- 1.5 l/h (10 days growth hormone) (mean +/- SE) (ANOVA; p < 0.01)). Triiodothyronine did not change functional hepatic nitrogen clearance (36.7 +/- 3.2 l/h), but triiodothyronine given together with growth hormone abolished the effect of growth hormone functional hepatic nitrogen clearance (38.8 +/- 4.8 l/h). CONCLUSIONS: The results show that long-term growth hormone administration acts on liver by decreasing functional hepatic nitrogen clearance, thereby retaining amino-N in the body. Triiodothyronine has no effect on functional hepatic nitrogen clearance, but given together with growth hormone, it abolishes the effect of growth hormone on functional hepatic nitrogen clearance. A possible mechanism is the known effect of thyroid hormones in reducing the bioavailability of insulin-like growth factor-I. Thus, the effects of growth hormone and triiodothyronine on amino-N homeostasis are interdependent and to some extent exerted via interplay in their regulation of liver function as to amino-N conversion.

    Publication Types:
    Clinical Trial
    Randomized Controlled Trial

    PMID: 8778198 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  9. ^^ Is that saying taking t3 with GH can somewhat negate the anabolic growth effects of GH?


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