ghrp 6, mod grf, mgf (no peg) help

  1. Question ghrp 6, mod grf, mgf (no peg) help

    hi guys
    this is my first post and would like to welcome myself to the anabolic minds forum.
    i have a a few questions regarding peptides, i will be running ghrp6 with mod grf (cjc) at 100mcg 3 times a day and mgf straight after workouts 200mcg split bilaterally, the question is when should i pin the ghrp6,mod grf, mgf after workout and when should i be taking my shake as you arent suppose to eat 2 hours prior to injecting ghrp6, grf. i will be pinning upon waking and before sleep but just get confused to when i should inject after workout ????? can some one help please

  2. Right after work out. Easy go home pin

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