Mistake When Reconstituting IGF-1

  1. Mistake When Reconstituting IGF-1

    I made a mistake when I was reconning. I was going to mix 1ML of AA with 1000MCG of IGF-1 in lyophilized form. When I inserted the needle into the IGF bottle, I forgot about the air suction and I let go of the plunger for two seconds. About .5ml of AA went into the bottle and mixed with the IGF. From all of the guide that I have read, all of them cautioned against this. They all said to dribble the AA slowly down the side of the bottle. My question is did I completely destroy the IGF-1 that I bought?

    Please help. Thank you.

  2. I highly doubt you wasted it all. I think the purpose of dribbling is to possibly prevent damage to the peptide by the force of the liquid striking it directly. If you wasted any...i doubt it was that much...only one way to find out...just use it.

  3. Thanks bro. I agree that is the only real way to find out.

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