questions about CJC and help please!! Desperate!

  1. questions about CJC and help please!! Desperate!

    Hey, Ive got an idea to run some IGF and GH before and after my cycle starting in jan. But i cant seem to find a reliable source.

    So in doing my research I found out about this stuff called cjc 1295 and cjc1292 and a few other variants. From what I have read, cjc is a secreatog of GH and it has many of the same benefits such as increased fat loss and localize myocyte proliferation. I have also read that it claims to strengthen connective and arthrotissues. So can CJC be subbed for GH? they seem very similar and almost identical in there effects.

    Thanks ahead of time,



  3. CJC-1295 w/out DAC plus a GHRP (ghrp2, ghrp6, ipamorelin, hexarelin)will cause a pulse of natural GH to be released from your pituitary... Can be used in place of HGH but will not mimic high dosed HGH cycles. cjc by itself will not cause much of a GH release...some but not nearly as much as when used in conjunction with a ghrp. AHHHHHHH hope that helps!!!

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