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IGF-1 Reconstitution

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    IGF-1 Reconstitution


    I bought 1 vial of 1000mcg of IGF-1 and 1 30ml vial of acetic acid (0.6%). I have seen a couple of methods of recon. I was thinking of using the following method: draw 1ml of AA and slowly dribble the sterile solution down the side of the vial. Let the IGF-1 dissolve in the AA for about an hour. Then draw out all of the now reconstituted IGF-1 and slowly mix it with the remaining AA that I bought. Since its a 30ml vial, that will give me 3/10 per 10mcg. This is much easier to measure and inject. I plan on using 40mcg EOD for about 5 weeks.

    Please let me know if this method is flawed in some way.


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    You dont mix it with 30ml of Acetic Acid!! 1-2ml is enough for reconstituution.....draw out your dose(mixed with acetic acid) and dilute with bacteriostatic water when you are ready to inject(draw out of bacteriostatic water bottle...) . Shooting straight acetic acid will burn like the sun and cause tissue damage! The water will dilute it making it sting a wholllleee lot less and allow you to shoot in more than one spot without having to measure in 1/100ths of a cc. Do not use the method you posted!

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