GH and Slin like IGF?

  1. GH and Slin like IGF?


    I´ve just read in another forum from a guy who says he is on 4iu
    Gh an 20IU slin/day since 2weeks and says it´s like IGF?!

    I don´t believe it,I´ve tried some Actrapi at 8iu/day with gh and I
    am not quite as experienced with that,but it sounds to me,as if he never ever
    had IGF,´cause normally you should only fell sides of the gh and rather no gains,after only 2weeks on?!

    Does the slin makes it work so hard,that it is like roids and IGF,or is he telling storys?

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your opinion on this,´cause I´m not that kind of athlete who´s up to gain much mass
    so I´d like to hear from some BB with experience on that,if it could be true,or not.
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  2. It may be for him


  3. Well,I doubt him,´cause he may have reason to tell,that IGF isn´t effective and a hype,
    compared to gh and slin.

    All I know,that gh and IGF together worked wonders compared to gh alone,or gh with slin,and maybe because of the Acrtapis I´ve used,slin made me a kid of fatty(decent roid-use as a standard),while gh and IGF seemed to build an cut at the same time.

    Also,I think after 3 IGF cycles this year and after coming off,and now using some roids only ,the roids and the response to them on muscle-growth is a kind of better than befor.:-)

  4. insulin and gh together should upregulate liver production of IGF, and IGF matures satellite cells make more muscle fiber available for growth.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  5. Yeah,but the point is,he claims all that after 14days!
    To my experience 3iu/day without slin has only sides and no advantages and slowly begins to work after week 4 and then only in a sense of well-being and better sleep,while
    IGF seems to work for day one and kills the sides from gh/slin,to a decent degree.



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