Ultradrol - Log (First Post - Hope I'm going this right)

  1. Ultradrol - Log (First Post - Hope I'm going this right)

    I've read many threads in trying to determine what could be "right" for me through basic google searches and what not for the past 5 years in my attempt to escape my old skinny self. I figured it's about time that I joined in on the fun and expertise. I'm hoping to gain some feed back on a PH cycle I am looking to run and hoping I can log that information through this thread for anyone who is interested and would like to help.

    I work closely with a gentlemen that owns a few supplement stores in the South Florida area. Below is a stack that he suggested for a PH when I explained my goals. I've never been a math or science guy so understanding the breakdown of these components is a bit over my head. It is my hope that I can find someone(s) with the patience to work with me.

    In this case I've read 1,000's of times in other posts "your too young", "hit the gym harder", "eat more protein and carbs" - those notions have made me hesitant to try a PH but I whole heartedly believe at this point in my life I could use the extra boost and want to make sure I am doing this correct.

    Fuerza Labs D-Liver
    1 a day Two Weeks Before cycle
    1 a day continued through cycle
    1 a day during PCT

    Week 1: 4mg per day
    Week 2-6: 8mg per day

    Purus Labs Recycle
    1 serving daily (4 capsules) - 25 days, beginning after week 6 of Ultradrol

    My goal is to bulk. I will be consuming 277 grams of protein a day through lean sources and shakes, as well as the rec'd amount of carbs to gain. I plan on doing a split routine focusing on one muscle group a day. Chest and squat routine will probably consist of a 5x5 routine in order to measure my gains weekly.

    I weight 185lbs now and My goal is to jump up 15-20lbs, take six weeks off and jump right back on another PH. The ultimate goal is 195 10% bf but I know I am going to need to bulk to at least 210 and then cut weight to achieve this goal. Any help and or direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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