HGH injected into fat???

  1. HGH injected into fat???

    What happens if you don't go deep enough with a SQ injection and you inject into fat? Will it still be effective. My dilema is that since HGH is good for spot reduction i'd rather inject in my love handle region/lower back fat than my stomach since I store most my b/f there. Im only 12% b/f but it seem's like it would be hard to do a SQ injection there. Its too thick. Is it ok to just stick the 1/2" slin pin into that region or does it need to be injected into the pocket when you pinch the fat? Im just worried I may not be able to go deep enough with a 1/2" slin pin.

  2. If you do a sub-q you should see a bubble under your skin,but i´t doesn´t matter wether it goes into your fat,under your skin,or into your muscle.

    In fact a lumb has built where I was injecting beside my navel.

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