CJC-1295-DAC & HGH Frag 176-191 - new here, need help please.

  1. CJC-1295-DAC & HGH Frag 176-191 - new here, need help please.


    I am a 45 yo. female with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis/Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I am on a once monthly infusion to control the inflammation, so I can now move and do regular daily activities of living whereas earlier this year I could hardly walk. Earlier this year, I was so bad with the inflammation that I snapped (broke) 3 tendons in my right hand, leaving my thumb unable to hyper-extend. The other 2 tendons, not sure of what movement I am missing on these. I was told by the docs that the tendons are not repairable as the ends of the tendons are frayed - kind of like a rope (my tendon) being dragged over a sharp knife (the bone) and eventually withering away to the point where it breaks.

    Since May, when these tendons broke, I've been searching for an endocrinologist who would put me on HGH. This, I figured, was the way in which I could heal/strengthen/build my muscles and tendons back to good health again without actually USING them and then breaking more. (By the way, I was putting a ponytail holder in my hair when my EPL tendon snapped - hardly anything requiring great strength). I had an endocrinologist test my GH and Somatomedin-C levels.

    GH Ref Range .01 - 8.0
    Mine = .21

    Somatomedin-C Ref Range 58-350
    Mine = 82

    In the last 6 months I worked with a doctor who told me my insulin levels were really high = hyperinsulinemia. My insulin level was 287. She put me on Metformin 2x/day along with Armour Thyroid 2 grains as she said the problem was that I didn't have any Free T3 or Free T4 which would help the insulin to get the glucose into the cells. So, as of this date, my levels right now are around 150 or so.

    I want to lose FAT as I weigh 194, with a Body Fat % of 42%. I also want to gain muscle as I've lost a lot of it with not being able to even walk, much less exercise in the last year. Once I am strong again, I would like to lift light weights and do some cardio.

    I found the following products on an online site:

    HGH FRAG 176-191

    I was thinking of taking both of these to strengthen my tendons/ligaments/connective tissue and to also lose weight. A few questions:

    1.) Is this the best combination to take - taking into effect my insulin levels and any synergistic effects between the two? What results would I see if I take 500mcg. of the HGH Frag daily, and 2mg of the CJC-1295-DAC per week, and how long would it take to see those?

    2.) I read that taking GHR-6 or -2 with the CJC-1295-DAC would be a more powerful combination... I would probably opt for the GHR-2 as I already have hunger issues with being on Prednisone at this point.

    3.) I read somewhere on another forum that the HGH Frag is useless - someone deemed it completely useless and I don't know if it was because it didn't work for him - it might work for some individuals, but maybe not for him... any thoughts on this?

    4.) Was wondering about IGF-1 L3R - would this be better to take or add? And would it possibly give me diabetes if my insulin levels are as high as they are right now?

    Please - any thoughts are welcome...

  2. Sounds like none you need to keep seeing your doctor. None of those products will help you out at all. You need some professional help and HUMAN grade GH if your doctor sees that as necessary. Don't waste your money on RCs.

  3. I did see an endocrinologist


    I did see an endocrinologist within a week of busting my tendons. I told her I wanted to go on HGH. I had my levels tested, and even though I was low, she said I was still in the range of normal.

    HGH blood test
    Ref. range .01 - 8.0
    My test .21

    Somatamedin-C blood test (IGF-1)
    Ref. range 58-350
    My test 82

    I plead my case to her, and she finally said she would authorize a "stimulation test." I just wanted her to write a script, so I left her and went to an anti-aging doc. The anti-aging doc figured out that due to taking the wrong thyroid med, it had bumped me into hyperinsulinemia. I was working with her until recently to lower my insulin levels before she would prescribe the HGH. I left her and found another anti-aging doctor, who had a different view on when to administer the HGH with regards to insulin levels. He wrote the script to my insurance company and filled out the pre-authorization form. Within 3 hours I was denied by the insurance company due to 3 reasons: 1.) the anti-aging doc is not an endocrinologist; 2.) We didn't send in the actual test results for my bloodwork - he just wrote the low 82 number down; and 3.) a stimulation test was not done.

    After 6 months of craziness trying to figure out how to get HGH, I felt I had been kicked in the stomach... within 2 days, which was 2 days ago, I contacted the endocrinologist and asked for the stimulation test. I was told yes, she would do it, but she had to research the protocol, and she wouldn't be able to do it until next week. My bio-identical hormone replacement doctor told me that it would be difficult to find an endo who would prescribe it. Unfortunately, my bio-identical hormone replacement doctor is a family practice physician who is not an endo.

    I researched other "clinics" in FL where they have a doc on staff who will review blood tests and write an RX for HGH. Although you have to pay out of pocket for it, somewhere in the $600-$1,000 range. If I can get this covered by my health insurance, then I will pay $75/month for it. However, it 's nice to know that it is available if I can afford it.

    Question: Does anyone know how a stimulation test works? I know they give arginine or sermorlin. Do either of these compounds actually release HGH from the pituitary (so the pituitary is actually making it on the spot) OR is it releasing HGH from the anterior pituitary that has already been made, but is being stored?


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