Hi, I have been using 4iu ed hgh + Ipamorelin with MOD GRF 1-29 for about 2 month now and lost around 1.5st (21lb)......its getting harder now and the weight isnt moving as good.

Im going to move things on a bit and thought I'd ask your view on what im going to do.

Ipamorelin with MOD GRF 1-29 100mcg both morning and night
2iu hgh half hour after the above
80mcg T3 (spread through the day)
Frag 176-191, 500mcg ed split into 250 morning and 250 bed time
and to add extra kick 100mg anavar again morning/bedtime

I need to move around another 4st (56lb) before I can start the aas again......

Any help on the above or on losing fat quick would much be appreciated.

dave (uk)

Ps the reason I come here instead of uk forums is you US guys seem to know a lot more than the uk guys who just fill themselves full of gear until there heads pop! :0