OSTA-SMASH with peptides

  1. OSTA-SMASH with peptides

    So this is my new log, I'm about 120 days out from my last cycle so I'm pretty stable and ready to roll.

    The plan is to run osta for 60 days minimum(osta-gain) at 30mg with my existing peptide regiment. I'm not sure if mp osta was legit, I definitely felt better but that couldve be the igf, and I was expecting something a little more pronounced. Anyways osta-gain is supposed to be legit, so I'll see if I notice a difference.

    I want to get a good feel for osta because I plan on stacking it with var, but may try aicar/gw501516 first.

    Current stack:
    Osta 30mg/day
    Ghrp2 100mcg x2/day
    Cjc no dac 50mcg morning 100mcg at night
    Igf lr3 35mcg 24 hours after mgf dose
    Mgf 1 hour post workout
    Mgf peg once per week in off day without igf dose
    Hcg 500mcg/week for potential osta suppression

    I'm also taking 10g cla and 3g combined epa/dha per day on top of multi, Eca, liv 52, complete B, green tea and vitamin c.

    Goal: lose some bf and gain some lbm, potentially getting ready for competition. Strength gain is always awesome, but I'm doing low weight high two and focusing more on so that's difficult to assess.

  2. First one here! In on it!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod
    First one here! In on it!
    Haha awesome thanks man.

  4. Day: 1

    Weight: 180

    Wasn't able to get to the gym so did Hindu squats along with some flutter kicks, supine bicycle, and crunches.

  5. Day 1 pictures for before and after. Will be looking for increased size, vascularity, and striation.

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  6. Nice "ball" lats!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod
    Nice "ball" lats!
    What are ball lats?

  8. Just what I call Em. Just your lats

  9. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod
    Just what I call Em. Just your lats
    Haha oh. I kind of figured cause they abrubtly come out and don't extend down further, and they look round. I like the way theyre developing but I'm still working on how far down they go, if that's even possible? I'm doing a lat pulldown from widegrip pullup position while keeping my arms straight, so it's just my lats flexing to pull down the weight. Its only a couple inches of movement, but I feel it.

  10. Damn I have the length but I want the ball! Haha shame!

  11. Day: 6

    Weight: 180

    Not sure if the weight fluctuations are water or fat loss or what, but I think I look bigger in the shoulders and chest, and skinnier around the waist. The last couple work outs have been really good, and recovery is already much better. My doms has been close to nothing.

    Acne is the same and still mild. Ordered some accutane to start soon.

    Libido is about the same as well, but I'm sort of correlating energy to libido, as in I'm not into having sex with my girl when I'm tired. She thinks I'm losing interest in her, and it's really hard explaining its not her its me.

    One question: does anyone know if ostarine causes back pumps.

    One note: igf is really uncomfortable when you take too much.

  12. Edit:

    Doms came with a vengeance today after doing deep squats last night. Started feeling it at work and now I'm walking funny. Need to make sure I get enough protein, and I'm going to dose igf in the quads.

  13. I got good "pumps" with Osta, much better than usual.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst
    I got good "pumps" with Osta, much better than usual.
    Ya its a noticeable difference, with the goal of my workouts being to get a good pump it happens almost right away. It makes for a pretty intense combo: ghrp gives me a good pump as it is, then I take a large dose of citrulline preworkout, and I'm dosing igf once or twice a week preworkout - I've been calling that going beast mode.

  15. So I'm thinking of adding LCLT for androgen receptor upregulation, 1carboxy for greater gh pulses, but I'm having a problem making a decision with ursolic acid. It has a multitude of health benefits, and I read it enhances the expression of muscular IGF-1 gene, and lowers estrogen, but then I also read it lowers testosterone and dht which isn't something I necessarily want. Another thing is its anti cancerous properties are a result of it stopping the production of new blood vessels, capillaries and veins - so I'd stop seeing an increase in vascularity? Does anyone have any experience with this? I mean I see adding DAA as a solution to lowered test, and I don't think I'd need an ai because the ursolic acid would inhibit it, but it just seems like I'm adding way to many elements to the equation. Maybe I could just split the hcg dose into two weekly doses of 250mcg, and allow the ursolic acids ai properties take care of hcg/ostas increased aromatase activity?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst
    I got good "pumps" with Osta, much better than usual.
    If you were referring to my question above I was talking about that uncomfortable lower back pain, I've gotten them from prohormones and this feels the same.

  17. Day: 11

    Weight: 180

    Had a couple really good workouts over the last couple days. Strength is up on all lifts, and the pump is pretty insane, almost painful at times. I leave the gym looking like I've gained 15 lbs. Im noticeably more vascular in my biceps and front delts.

    Last night I had a problem that persisted into today. My insides from my stomach down hurt, especially my kidneys, I felt nauseous, my head hurt, and I had a crazy headache. I thought it might be something I'm taking, but my chick said she didn't feel good either so it may have been a big. I had restless leg syndrome when I woke up too, which made it hard to sleep. Will update soon, this is the first I've felt crappy on this stack.

  18. Bump! How's this going bro?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Clemenza
    Bump! How's this going bro?
    Haven't been updating cause I got pretty sick - bacterial infection from working in bay water. I'm starting to feel better but been kind of our of it.

  20. ya i dropped the osta igf mgf and eca, and increased my vitamin c. havent made it to the gym, and been about half as productive at work just trying to recuperate. so just ghrp vitamins, lots of juice and fluids, and whatever food i can manage to keep down - and a whole lot of rest. i felt like i was going to die, my doctor said if it gets worse go to the emergency room, otherwise see him next week. i will post up my blood work results, but im worried its my thyroid or something, and my kidneys been hurting. constant muscle pain and headaches, and it feels like i have ibs or a stomach ulcer. im feeling a lot better today, pretty much slept the last two days, might get in for lifting and to check my weight.

  21. Ok so my blood results are in and I'm going in on the 26th to go over them, but I got some info like hormones, my thyroid is normal, kidneys are elevated, elevated b12. Everything else was normal.

    Total test 426
    Free test 10.13


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