i waiting to start a gh cycle of jintropin

  1. i waiting to start a gh cycle of jintropin

    if anybody could help me out on figuring out the percentage of growth i need to take a day and how you figure out how much water to add to each bottle of 10iux10. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!

  2. This was posted by Einstein on the AR board... should answer your questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by einstein1905
    Reconstituting and measuring your GH
    This is a very common question, and instead of retyping this in every PM, I'll just make a sticky. This will be applicable to any brand of GH and any vial size.

    OK, you have your vial of lyophilized GH (powder). No matter the brand, you know how many IUs are in each vial, as that will be noted on the vial. If it's in terms of mgs, just assume (estimate) that 1mg = ~3IU.

    It does NOT matter how much water (BW or sterile water) you use. I tend to use more than what most kits include, because this makes it more dilute and means that you're less likely to leave some behind in the vial and syringe.

    Pick a volume of water to add to your vial....I don't care what it is. For a 10IU vial, I use 2mL, but between 1 and 2mLs is good IMO.

    use a syringe with a 1" or better yet a 1.5" needle attached to reconstitute. Load the syringe with water (BW ideally, but sterile water is fine, despite popular belief). Hold the plunger so that when inserting the needle into the GH vial the vacuum doesn't suck the water out. Once the needle is inserted, angle it so that the needle tip is pointed at the side of the vial....not directly at the powder. Now, simply release the plunger and allow the vacuum force to suck the water out into the vial. Remove the needle and gently swirl the GH vial until fully reconstituted.

    Now measuring....this is much easier than people make it out to be. Just use this generic formula:

    You know how many IUs are in your vial. You also know how much water was used to reconstitute it (since you just added it). how many IUs do you want to inject? 2IU? Fine, so be it. say your vial was a 10IU vial, 2IU is 20% of 10IU, so you simply draw up 20% of the total volume used to reconstitute your GH. If you used 1mL for a 10IU vial, and you want to draw 2IU, then you simply draw 0.2cc. if you used 2mL for a 10IU vial, you'd draw 0.4cc (since 20% of 2mL is 0.4cc). Most everyone is using a U-100 insulin syringe for GH injections. Each 10IU mark is 0.1cc, so the 20IU mark is 0.2cc, you can figure out the rest.

    That's it....it's easy, if you think of it this way.

  3. id start with 2uis a day, then 3 and 1/3, then 4 uis finally

    thats 1/5th the vial, then 1/3 the vial, then 1/5th the vial twice a day. a good way to measure accurately (saving money), and also a good way to work yourself up. do each dose for atleast 2 weeks before you switch up to the next one. see how you feel, if you start to feel sides such as swolen numb hands/feet, tingling, bloating etc... keep that dose or go back down if it is a discomfort. good luck bro.

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