First time using HGH and Insulin

  1. First time using HGH and Insulin

    So here is what im looking at:
    Running test and EQ with Anadrol to jump start.
    Ive done A LOT of research on Insulin and i understand its benefits and side effects along with those of HGH. For the nay sayers of insulin-go ahead and post if you like, it is good for the newbs to research and get opinions and then make their decision. I am looking for suggestions as the effectiveness and results for this given cycle.
    25 Years Old
    13-14% Body Fat
    Training 6 years consistantly
    Squat: 455x1
    Dead: 545x3
    Flat: 315x3
    Milt: 215x5
    #1 - Test E 500 (10w), Deca 500(10w), Dbol 50mg (4w)
    #2 - 10 week -Test E 500, EQ 400
    #3 - Test E 500, Tren E 400, T3& Clen, HCG (10w) 250iux2 weekly PCT - nolva, clomid, clen(4 week)
    #1 - Minimal strength, lot of water weight. gain size and kept decent amt
    #2 - good strength increase
    #3 - Very good strength, Leaned down great, Kept 100% strength (due to good pct with clen blocking cortizol and hcg throughout cycle)

    Test E - 12 weeks 500 or 750mg weekly
    EQ - 12 weeks 600mg weekly
    Anadrol - 5 weeks 75mg
    HCG - 250iu x 2 weekly -starting week 3 - end 1 week before start nolv & Clomid
    HGH - 3iu Daily AM shot -(Thinking 16 weeks thru PCT)
    Insulin - 2iu x 2 daily - 1 morning, 1 PWO
    Nolva - 40mg x 2w, 20mg x 2w - start 3 weeks after last shot
    Clomid - 200mg down to 50. (same start time)
    Clen - 80mcg day - beginning 2 weeks after last shot to block cortizol (5 weeks)
    -Nolva, Clomid, Clen will end at same time
    **** This is a plan. i will have a some left over of each product so any thoughts on raising or lowering dose are appreciated.

    Any Thoughts on this is greatly appreciated. like i said before i have done a lot of research and i respect others opinions but its falling on def ears posting not to take slin. i know it can be dangerous(so can a gun if an idiot plays with it and doesnt respect it) but it can be used effectively IF used properly in a proper routine.
    I have a BG meter and i have been tracking my levels and plan to track it VERY closely after the shot in 10 min increments (of course with proper meal after shot)

    Im looking for suggestions on when to start the insulin. Thinking 2-3 weeks in when the gear really starts to kick.

    Lets hear it..........

  2. 4iu of insulin is very very low

    When I use slin I will be using 10iu morning and 10iu post workout

    Eat 7-10 grams of carbs per IU etc etc (hope you have truly researched this hormone it can be deadly)

    Up your slin

    Why eq? Drug sucks imo
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. thanks for the post
    -2iu*2 is a starting point, i may work up from there. i am SURE to follow the 10g rule with slin.
    Do you run GH with slin and how much?
    how late into an anabolic cycle do you start slin? i was thinking 3 weeks in when the gear starts to kick hard.
    i tried deca and EQ before and i like EQ better. less fat and better strength. but everyone is different. this compound had a better effect.

  4. True some people love Eq I won't touch it.

    I don't use GH because I can't afford it- though soon I will be able to and yes I would use GH along side slin and anabolics

    I am going to use slin my next bulk here is what mine looks like

    1-12 test cyp - 1 gram a week
    1-8 NPP 600mg a week
    1-4 dianabol 60mg a week

    Would begin using insulin week 3
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. Well i had never used HGH.



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