IGF1 LR3 + peg MGF + MT 2 + GHRP2 + CJC w/o Dac cycle

  1. IGF1 LR3 + peg MGF + MT 2 + GHRP2 + CJC w/o Dac cycle

    Hey guys,

    I'm a relatively new poster here but I have been reading a lot on a bunch of forums about peptides. I previously was using IGF-1 LR3 and a GHRP/GHRH stack. I jumped into it a little too hastily so I didn't use them properly. Below is what I plan on using next week (starting sunday 10/7/12). I will try to update this thread regularly.


    10mg MT-2 w/ 4mL BW
    2mg peg MGF w/ 2mL BW
    1mg IGF1 LR3 w/ 3mL AA
    5mg GHRP 2 w/ 2.5mL BW
    2mg CJC no Dac w/ 1.5mL BW

    MT 2 - every morning, 500 mcg
    500 mcg per 0.2mL BW

    peg MGF - Sundays, off work out day, 150 mcg
    150 mcg per 0.15 mL BW

    IGF1 LR3 - post work out 15 mcg each bicep
    15 mcg per 0.1364 mL AA

    GHRP2 - afternoon and before bed every day100 mcg subq
    100 mcg per 0.075mL BW

    CJC w/o Dac - afternoon and before bed everyday 100 mcg subq
    100 mcg per 0.075mL BW

  2. LR3 half life is like 6hours. why are u taking it in ur biceps?
    Peg MGF id say try 300-500mcg on ur off days, subq

    GHRP/CJC way to low....unless ur 45+ and just using it to replace natural growth levels.

  3. so peg every off day?

    I heard IM injections can sometimes produce a localized effect.

    GHRP/CJC maybe two doses of 200 (400 total) a day?

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