HGH Results Timeframe?

  1. HGH Results Timeframe?

    Plucked this from a site - from your experiences - are the time frames accurate (generally - obviously depends on dose etc..)

    What to expect
    it typically takes six months of treatment to truly experience the benefit from Human Growth Hormone therapy. Individuals may see the following benefits each month as follows:

    Month 1: Improved stamina, better and sounder sleep, more optimistic attitude, and an increase in energy.

    Month 2: Improved muscle tone, enhanced sexual function, improved nail growth, improved skin tone, better digestion, increase in strength and beginning weight loss.

    Month 3: Improved mental processes, muscle size increase, increase in sexual desire, greater body flexibility.

    Month 4: General heightening of the first three results.

    Month 5: Impressive weight loss and reduction in inches (greater body mass with reduction in adipose tissue), improved and thickened skin, greater skin elasticity, and improved hair appearance (i.e. healthier looking hair).

    Month 6: Greatly reduced cellulite, improved eyesight, better emotional stability, stronger immune system with greater resistance to colds and flu, reduction in joint pain and soreness, greater exercise tolerance, in cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and improved heart rate.
    Individual improvements and results may differ.

  2. I wonder what dosing they are talking about?

  3. he said...."obviously depends on dose, etc..." the normal dose is 4-6iu/day.....

  4. normal for body builders .. although 10-12 IU/d is known to be used by some recognizable names. For anti-aging the numbers are much much lower
    0.5-1.8 is Cenegenics threshold while others I've seen go as high at 3 IU/d - 6d -- but I've never seen that exceeded from an anti-aging perspective.

    The dosing for titrating up the igf-1 for true GHDs is much higher than the 4-6. HIV wasters are found in the 18-36 IU/d range.

    That paste wreaks of marketing hype of an anti-aging clinic who would very very rarely if ever be writing for 4-6...

    Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    he said...."obviously depends on dose, etc..." the normal dose is 4-6iu/day.....

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