Low blood sugar help

  1. Low blood sugar help

    I have been using Insulin for about 2 weeks now at 8ui a day after I work out only. It's been 4 days since i've used any and the last three days whenever I exert any energy for several minutes or more( happened once when I was moving spare tires around) My blood sugar falls through the floor and I have to get simple carbs in me quick. I break out into a whole body swear and start shakin etc etc.

    My question is: Is this something that is common when not using insulin when you start or could I have triggered something by starting to use it or is this just a side effect of diet or something else i'm not aware of. Appreciate any info on this. gonna make an appt for the docs this week if this continues at all.

  2. I would like to know about this also.

  3. You were doing 8 iu and then stopped for 4 days?!? Holy **** dude, you're probably going to go into insulin shock and DIE later today! RUN to the hospital!

    Nah.... If you were using Humalog or Humalin-R, the only kind recommended for BodyBuilding, it's out of your system in hours. 8iu is not a large dose anyway.

    Keep glucose tablets on hand. I shoot the insulin when I leave the gym, and on my way home I am often overcome by shaking and sweats (first sign of low blood sugar for me). I take a glucose tablet (or 2) and am fine in a minute.

    Glucose is the simplest carb that will do you any good for an insulin related episode, which I am NOT sure you are having. Are you lowering carbs / has your diet changed recently?

  4. You're misunderstanding me. I know it's out of my system what I don't understand is the sudden low blood sugar each day AFTER i stop using the insulin. I've never had this problem before so I am trying to understand why all of a sudden now. Did I somehow kick off a insulin problem in my body from this? Today I had the same problem but I had the glucose tabs on me. today it was just walking around the mall.

  5. Have you ever had a diabetes test? I don't think that using insulin for a few weeks -- at the low dasages you were using -- could cause a problem, but you may be borderline diabetic anyway. You say you're not on any sort of new diet that could cause low BS?

    I'm not a Dr., nor do I have any sort of medical background. I would check with a professional. Maybe start with some glucose sticks from walmart to test for sugar in urine.

    Keep us informed, and good luck.

  6. Making an appt with the doc tomorrow. i haven't changed my diet at all. the only thing I did was not take suppliments on my days away from the gym which I have done many times before without any reaction. WHo knows but it's a pain in the ass more than anything.

  7. Going to the docs this morning to get checked out. I'll keep ya posted.

  8. That could be a sign of onset. The pancreas is overtaxed so eventually it releases too much insulin and the combined energy exertion can pull you into a low BG.

    Then again it could just be some other variable that you havent thought of yet.

    Best thing to do is get a Glucose tolerance test which it seems like youre already about to do.

    Good luck.

  9. Got my Blood work back. Blood sugar was 79 which they said was fine. My cholesterol was 203 which I blame all the damn eggs. trigycerides was 74 which is fine...

    Thyroid was suppressed and my liver values were 'grossly' high. they are scheduling me a ultrasound on friday. I'll keep ya updated to find out the problems. I just stopped a cycle of M1T so I know that is the cause. She also told me it maybe from my 'suppliments' I never told them I was taking anything.

  10. You could be a hypoglycemic normally and just don't know about it or it could be something completely unrelated. Buy a blood sugar monitoring kit from the pharmacy and if you feel you go low again check your blood sugar right there if its below 70 you could be a hypoglycemic.


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