Quick Answer Needed on Bac Water...

  1. Question Quick Answer Needed on Bac Water...

    I just got DSIP peptide in the mail & was unaware that it came with a little round disk of powder & so obviously Bac Water is needed. I have .9% Sodium Chloride Inj sterile dilutent on hand so my question is, can i use that inplace of the Bacteriostatic Water?? It will suck if i have to make another order just to ship BW here, so does anyone know if u can buy it at the pharmacy here in NY??

  2. Anyone??? Can 0.9% sodium chloride be used to disolve the powder inside the DSIP Peptide vial instead of bac water???

    If not then who sells Bac Water cause none of the Peptide sites have it?

  3. Hey up amazon for bac water

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