Current Results with IGF

  1. Current Results with IGF

    WOW is all I can say!! I took my last shot of prop a week ago, and started using IGF (via MR) nearly two weeks ago for PCT. I have lost water weight which I can see, but lost only 2 pounds so far, which means I must be keeping my muscle mass. What surprised me was, I actually lifted MORE this week then I did last week on big exercises (bench/deads). Worth the extra money? I DEFINITELY THINK SO. Can't wait to see how these last two weeks pan out, hopefully I don't lose any more weight!!

  2. thats great to hear. I just started a test cyp. cycle, and i plan to finish off with igf-1 right into PCT. its encouraging to hear people with results.

    how much are you taking per dose? IM or sub-Q?

  3. I'm taking 40mcg ED IM. Mostly been shooting bi's/pecs/tri's.

  4. thats what Im planning to do. how are you measuring the 40mcg in the
    syringe? 4iu = 40 mcg is that right?
    sorry for so many questions.


  5. No proble w/the questions.

    No you have to do your dosing depending on what you are using. Those IU marks are for insulin, not for IGF. I added 1.5ml of AA solution to my IGF to have 1mg/2.5ml which means that every .1 ml is 40mcg. You have to do your own math for whatever you dilute too. On an insulin syringe, 1 tick mark is 1/100 of a milliliter so i got to ten ticks.



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