IGF Receptor's

  1. IGF Receptor's

    How long does it take for IGF receptors to up-regulate after a work-out? It seems inefficient for all the muscle cells to have stores of IGF receptors and I doubt they do. So after you workout, the cells would need to produce the new receptors before they could be exposed. My point being, I dont understand the whole rush home within an hour to inject, since your muscles will probably be increasing IGF receptors for quite some time. Just a thought.

  2. IGF-1 inside the muscle cell VS outside of it has different properties. AFAIK, that is the reason why IM injections are better than sub-Q.

    That's not a complete answer, but that's my 0.02 $

  3. Injecting into your muscles is not injecting the same as injecting into the muscle cells. Your muscle cells are way to small to inject into directly. When you inject you are actually injecting into the interstitial fluid, and the IGF spreads from there to the rest of your muscle. IGF works by receptor's as well, and will do nothing but be destroyed inside of a cell.

  4. Well, darn, you are absolutely right. :|

  5. I do my shot when I get in my car, if they're primed and ready to go why wait to inject?




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