Igf-1 lr3: IM vs. SC?

  1. Igf-1 lr3: IM vs. SC?

    Wondering if anyone has tried both and saw better results from one over the other. Or if you swear by one method and base it off of something, share what you base it off of as well.


  2. Check out this post. I have a response midway through this thread about this.

    R3IGF-1: stability and systemic effects

  3. Hey thanks, I think I may try full dose IM post workout and half dose sub q on non workout days. I saw that you said you like to take your dose on non workout days early in the morning, does this mean you only used one dose a day?


  4. yes, one dose a day

  5. have u tried split doses, was there any noticable difference? I would much rather only shoot once a day if there is not much of a difference. Thanks.



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