GH Availability in Canada?

  1. GH Availability in Canada?

    Is this legal where I live? How the heck do I get a hold of it?

    Also, a company called Theratechnologies makes ThGRF 1-44, a molecule which makes the pituitary actually release GH. Anyone heard of this stuff?

    Sounds good... I guess I miss my good ole GHB....
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  2. Its available.. you just need a source.. but your not suppose to ask for one...

    Definately not legal for your purposes. And prices vary greatly... depending on where your getting it. Be prepared to shop around on that stuff.

  3. Well thanks for the tip, friend. I just might get IGF-1 instread... THAT would be "OK", right??

  4. Hell yea.. and we all know where to get Igf.

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