An individual presented with an IGF-1 of 395 utilizing
12 IU/week Saizen for 2 months. The patient switched to a
Jintropin product at 24 IU/week and after 2 months the IGF-1
was found to be 245. Weight loss flatlined during these 2 months.
The patient then resumed Saizen @ 2 IU per day 6 days and 1 month
later presented at 330.

The simple presumption .. the Jin was compromised. There is good reason
to believe not as I've heard similar stories from people about Jin being
inferior to Saizen notwithstanding a few positive comments found here.

Has anyone else noticed any difference's IGF_1 wise or anecdotally
in terms of fat reduction for Serono rHGH products vs. Norditropin vs.
Genotropin vs. Jin vs. others......