Ipamorelin vs GHRP-6

  1. Ipamorelin vs GHRP-6

    Hello everyone.

    I'm 23y/o male, 5'9" 145lbs.
    A year and a half ago I injured my rotator-cuff and haven't been able to fully heal it ever since(2 rounds of PT and all the exercises).
    I'm considering using peptides to help in this process and was hoping for some advice.

    Should I use Ipamorelin or GHRP-6? I was leaning towards Ipa because of the lack of prolactin and cortisol.

    I was thinking 100mcg 2x ED for about 2 months. Is this enough or long enough to see any benefits?

    Should I add cjc1295 no DAC for added benefit, and if I did, what sort of benefit would I be getting?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Def use cjc and my recommendation is ghrp2. Ghrp6 is known for the increase in hunger. And ideally you should run them up to 6 months both at 100mg 3x a day.

  3. Thanks for the reply. So you think I should take GHRP2 even with the prolactin and cortisol increases associated?
    And just to be clear, I would use the exact same doses for the cjc as the ghrp?

    Thanks again

  4. Personally I'd run thymosin beta 4 at 2mg/WK for 3 months and add in ipamorelin/mod grf 100 MCG/once daily and 500 MCG CJC 1295 w/ DAC weekly. Much better for healing injuries.



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