Clen vs. IGF

  1. Clen vs. IGF

    For those of you that have used both (each on a seperate occasion) during pct which do you think is better at preserving gains made during a cycle. All the research i've done recommends not to mix the two so I want some opinions on which is the best for PCT.

  2. clen is not really a good idea for PCT.. and I would do IGF if it was me..

  3. Def IGF. After my 1st cycle I ran clen the first 3weeks during my PCT and lost about 5lbs coming off. This time around I ran IGF at around 60mcg the first 3weeks during PCT and lost only 1lb. Now im on clen and lost about 3lbs but thats just from water.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    clen is not really a good idea for PCT.. and I would do IGF if it was me..
    I thought clen had anti-catabolic properties that made it a good addition to pct? I also thought that it allowed the user to up cals during PCT while not gaiging as much fat. Definately wouldn't be using it as a fat burner.

  5. it does have anti catabolic properties but not to any significant degree. From what I hear about IGF, it's a much better choice and probably the best one for PCT.

  6. i used lr3 for my most recent pct and kept practically all my gains. i do feel that clen is a better fat burner though.lr3 is good for adding quality muscle but it is hard to say if is agood fat burner. it may be because of all the maltodextrin that you have to consume to keep from going hypoglycemic

  7. is there a big risk of going hypoglycemic if I don't drink some fast carbs pwo like with slin? isn't it enough to eat normal carbs and hour after workout?


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