Igf-1 side effect muscle loss ?

  1. Igf-1 side effect muscle loss ?

    I am running 1gf-1 lr3 at 20 to 40 mcg a day and take it per pre workout. I would have amazing pumps strenght stamana and so forth, but then the next few days i am extremely worn out and actually lose weight up to 5 pounds. Then i would take a few days off and get back to normal but this last time was really bad and makes me not want to take it anymore. So was wondering if anyone had heard of this or if this is supposed to happen ive talked to other people that i know have or are taking it and do not have this promblem. So i am wondering if it's just me or something im doing, i am not doing anything different from anyone i know taking it.

  2. Are you monitoring your blood sugar?

  3. No i am not that was the only thing i could think of that is going wrong. But i don't feel like it's dropping low, i eat a lot. 400 grams of protien a day and about 300 grams of carbs a day, carbs are a little low as i am trying to lean out. But still what should my sugar intake a day be i am 5.8 and about 210 i am a pretty big guy so maybe i need a lot more sugar than i am taking ??

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