diluted igf with bacteriostatic water

  1. diluted igf with bacteriostatic water

    Every morning I get up at 4:30 and do 2 ius of hgh.
    Then post workout I use 2 more ius of gh and 60mcg of igf.
    Well, this morning I had to dilute some more gh...
    My dumbass put the igf vial together with my jino kit to store in the fridge.
    It just so happened that I pulled out the green top vial of igf instead of my yellow top jinos and put 1 cc of bacteriostatic water into my Igf!
    Well, by the time I realized what a stupid ass mistake I made it's too late.

    So I said **** it and put 100mcg of igf into my slin pin and was wondering, how long before this igf is completely useless?
    Should I just go for 200mcg at a time?
    Since the bw will degrade this stuff, how long before this stuff is just worthless.
    What an expensive ass mistake!


  2. I don't know for sure so wait for someone else that does, but if you add 1ml BW to the acetic acid solution, there is still acetic acid in there. So my guess is, if you are using it right now, it could probably last another couple weeks in a fridge without degrading too much. I think people over state how fast proteins degrade. It does happen, but as long as it is in a fridge, this process is slowed a lot. So I say keep using what you were using before and wait for someone with better knowledge to come along and say I'm wrong

  3. NO, I just diluted 1 mg of igf powder with 1ml of bacteriostatic water.

  4. i'm not perfectly sure on this, but if GH stays good for around 2 weeks in Bacteriostatic water, then i'd assume igf-1 is the same. I'd double up the dosage to about 80mcg/day rather than the traditional 40, and use it up in around 12 days.



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