GH Questions

  1. GH Questions

    I've been thinking about trying GH and have been doing alot of reading up on it on this and other boards. So far from what i've read it takes a good 9-12 weeks before one can expect to see any real anabolic benefits from GH. Since GH derives alot of its effects from increased IGF-1 levels would running IGF-1 LR3 the first 4 weeks of the GH cycle accelerate gains from GH?? Meaning that if i ran a 4 week IGF-1 cycle when starting GH, would the gains made from IGF continue after the 4 weeks due to GH or will they drop off and kick up again somewhere between the typical 9-12 week mark??

    Also, i was thinking of running GH at 4iu per day, 5 on 2 off. Would there be a benefit to running it at 3iu ED instead (7 on 0 off)?? Both equate to ~20iu per week. Last question, should i start at a lower dose and ramp up to 3-4iu's per day to minimize sides or just run it straight thru.
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