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    Been away for several years and it finally caught up with me; my energy levels and general performance have been terrible so I opted for the HRT route. I got my first shipment of yesterday and her's what I've been prescribed:

    Sermorelin: 50 IU's nightly
    HCG: 1000 IU's weekly
    methycobalamain: 1 ML twice a week subcutaneously
    Arimidex: 1 mg twice a week
    cypionate: 1 cc a week
    Decca: 1 cc a week

    Looking for feedback on most effective dosing; not trying to get huge just trying get slowly build back to what I was. I workout in the morning, I've read that some people prefer to take the sermorelin in the morning ? Also the B12 anyone have feed back on subcutaneously vs inter muscular ?

  2. B-12 while it says IM, subq is fine. Sermolin, in the AM unless your older , then at night. Thought process is that if your still producing growth hormone at night you dont want to interupt that normal cycle. If your not still producing, then take at night to simulate natural production. I wouldnt take arimidex unless your having issues.

  3. 1000iu of HCG? Why?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DetMuscle
    1000iu of HCG? Why?
    My Doc said the hcg once a week helps your body maintain its natural production of test.

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