Peptides and alchol

  1. Peptides and alchol

    How bad is it? I heard it ruins the release till the day after? Any insight would be great thanks.

  2. Also interested.

    I'd assume it would be smart to maybe skip your last dose of peptides for the day if your going to be drinking at night and then just continue on as normal the next morning.

    In for discussion.

  3. id just skip the pre bed dose if i drink. i barely drink maybe 3 times in the year lol. if u have like 4-5-6 shots of hard liquor like 40% at like 10pm i would assume that it will be out of ur system by next morning and u can go back to doing the peptides.

    its a different story if u drink like 12shots and some beers lol, than ull wake up and last thing ud wanna possible do is stick a needle in ur stomach lol.

    by peptides i assume ur talking about cjc and ghrps right? i wouldnt administer igf lr3 with alcohol.

  4. Yes^^. Another quick question left and right of the bellly button were I inject. I have lumps on both side that are itchy and red and puffy.

  5. Sounds like you injection spots are infected...?

  6. Should I get on anti bio tics?
  7. Jahcuree
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    Quote Originally Posted by thyrod
    Should I get on anti bio tics?
    No, that is just a histamine reaction. They will go down within a few days

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  8. Yeah I over reacted, took some Advil and ice and it goes down. Weird how the first 16 days no problem and now with new cjc and Ghrp it's irritating the skin. Thanks y'all.


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