Peptide Cycle: IGF lr3, ghrp2, cjc, and more

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  1. im tihnking the following protocol

    Humalog R 3x/day 3x/week MWF. 8am, 1pm (pre w/o) 6pm
    have a shake with each shot that consists of 50g whey, 10g bcaa, 10g creatine monohydrate, and enought carbs.

    peptides are good in the fridge for a while.

  2. They're peptides not AAS, what all did you guys expect? I'm not flaming, I'm just curious.

    Not to mention there's a wide variety in purity these days, peptide sites are like lemonade stands now.
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  4. yea. i guess this was more of a "what are peptides capable on your own" log. anyway. the one thing i noticed the MOST was great pumps and fullness. but thats about it. i wanna give CJC with DAC a try, but currently i just dont have 1000$ to drop on "research" purposes

  5. Yeah. All I noticed was hunger. Witch I def needed. So I'm going to run it with epi.


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