Looking for Hgh advice

  1. Looking for Hgh advice

    Okay so I know in most other areas of the forum including anabolics, theres a rule against posting under the age of 21.. I'm 18 years old and I'd like for everyone to hear me out. I'm not close minded and I'm willing to hear what you have to say and the advice you give. My current situation is I'm 18 years old, 5'9 135lbs. I've been lifting solid for roughly 8 months, and have gained 16lbs in said 8 months. I'm not necissarily looking to use hgh as an anabolic either. The reason I'm posting is because I know there are some cases in which doctors will prescribe teens, my doctor today told me mainly under the age of 16, hgh for growth deficiencies. But I was thinking about seeing an endocrinologist about taking hgh. Being only 5'9 I'd really like to be a couple inches taller, maybe 5'11 or even 6'. And I feel being as though I'm 18, my chances of growing that much are slim. Also I plan on going to fire school to become a firefighter in the next 5 months, and I'd consider myself the "ectomorph" body type. Although I've been making great progress in the gym over the past 8 months, I'm slightly worried about having a hard time through fire school and I'd like to maybe fill out a bit more and put on a decent amount of size in between now and then. So given my current situation of school and wanting to grow I was looking for some opinions on what some of you guys think I should do, obviously knowing a lot more than I do. I'll admit I don't know much about hgh dosaging and everything else but I'm willing to learn before pulling the plug and taking anything. And I know everyone highly recommends staying away from anything hormone related under the age of 21, but I figure hgh isn't necissarily hormonal(correct me if I'm wrong). I ask of you guys not to flame me for being young or for a lack of knowledge, and if you feel one way or another if you could explain why you feel that way so I can possibly get a better understanding. Thanks for any and all help in advance!

  2. Hey bud, you still have a chance of growing and common your not that short. You need to fill out by eating mass amours of food. Don't worry about getting at just eat healthy and a lot of it. Hgh is very expensive and the chance of you buying it and getting the real deal is slim. Of your doc prescribes you it (slim chance for that) then go ahead and do so

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