Long Acting HGH

  1. Long Acting HGH

    Anyone every come across this... SupraHGH (HGH) SUPRA 1 kit/22.5mg (Long Acting HGH, Only Need Inject Once A Month)

    I've never considered running GH due to the ED injects but if i can do once a month injects, then i'm all over it.

  2. check your PM, i hope it helps some.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JonBlaze
    check your PM, i hope it helps some.
    JB, can you hit me with that same info!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Neuromancer
    JB, can you hit me with that same info!
    its kind of a worthless PM, thats why i didn't post it here...but here it is

    ============================== =============

    i have never heard of anyone using this brand (SupraHGH), as far as i'm aware theres only one brand that patented for monthly administration.

    best brand of hgh right now??

    towards bottom of thread. However if it's anything like this brand, it's insanely expensive, and not easily aquired. Sorry i couldn't be of more help.

    You can read more about it here: www.genentech.com

  5. I remember reading that now... Thanks JB



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