IGF-LR3 Cycle Question/controversy

  1. IGF-LR3 Cycle Question/controversy

    Hey guys, really considering running a cycle of IGF LR3 and just have some quick questions as there has been a whole lot of conflicting info amongst forums and sites.

    Would be great if i could get some advice, Im 6 ft and 198lbs natural, and my workout split is 5 days/week. Planning to run it for 35 days at 80mcg daily split 40mcg upon waking/40mcg immediate PWO both bilaterally. Off days 80mcg split morning and afternoon. I know all the carb intake stuff just have a few issues.

    Some conflicting info:
    • Optimum Dosage - Some sites/forums recommend 60-120mcg split over twice a day (PWO/Morning) ED for 4 weeks - (some say even 50 days). Some say 40-60mcg PWO on workout days only or EOD and this can be run for 6-8 weeks without receptors downgrading.

    • IGF LR3 is systemic

    1. If growth is not localised, rather systemic why would it have to be shot bilaterally?
    2. What would the optimum protocol to yield more lean gains and ensuring no gut/organ growth. and whether twice a day bilaterally ED (morning and pwo) with a high dosage - or lower the dose to 40-60 EOD and spread it out over 6-8 weeks. Appreciate any help as this is such a controversial issue. Also willing to provide links/quote if necessary

  2. Igflr3 has a life in a lab of around 20-30 hours...i was told by my friend who is a biochemist that its only active for around 2 hours in the human body. I cannot find any info on the internet to back this up but ive seen his results with it and trust him.
    I wouldnt go over 40mcg bilaterally if ur trying to achieve a localized affect. I am currently using it igflr3 at 40mcg bilat preworkout only and am experiencing great pumps and slight strength increases already (been on for about a week)
    Ive even read people going as low as 20mcg bilat because even at that dose compared to what the human body produces is a huge amount. Ive read that the body produces the equivalent of 1mcg.
    Theres alot of different ways people say to use it and it is a research chem without much knowledge on it so do your research and find what works best for u.
    I found a great article on igf and mgf that ill post if ud like to read it

  3. Honestly, dont waste your money, if others say it works, I would love to see pics, and not just say "Dude I got ripped, gained so much muscle" ect. It not even close to what the hype is.

    Anyways...GO ON!

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