Acetic Acid and igf1

  1. Acetic Acid and igf1

    Hello everyone, very happy to be a member of a very knowledgeable community. Have just a few simple questions. First question... I was wondering if the pain of using AA is almost unbearable. I will be using 15mcg bilateral without back loading with ba. I was going to do it regardless just wanted to know how painful others think it is. Second question is about reconstitution.... For example if you were reconstituting a vial of igf (1000 mcg) with 1ml of aa then 1/4 of 1 ml would have 250mcg right? What's confusing to me is there is powder (igf) inside the vial. So when adding aa to igf the volume increases. So technically you will have more than 1ml of liquid all together. Doesnt that change the dosage so 1/4ml doesnt equal 250mcg? Last question, does AA require a script? Thanks a bunch everyone.

  2. AA will hurt mate and also you should probably look into backloading with BW to avoid chances of necrosis. as with part 2, is your igf lyophilised powder? due to the nature of AA i dont think the volume will increase. And yes .25ml = 250mcg. This is a good calc for peps when sorting dosages: add .php on the end

    hope this helped


  3. Ive never tried without backloading with BW but i
    Know sumone who doesnt use BW and he sed its not that bad...
    If u add 1mL of AA to 1mg igf then ull have 1000mcg/mL...whats size syringe do you have?(i.e. 1/2mL, 1mL ect)
    I use 1/2mL(the syringe mite say 1/2cc but its the same thing 1mL=1cc) and if u mix 1mL AA in the igf every tick on the syringe will b 10mcg igf. What do u plan on dosing it at?

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