mixing oils with slin/igf/hgh?

  1. mixing oils with slin/igf/hgh?

    For you bros out there who run slin/igf/hgh and steroids,
    What do you do?
    I mean, that's alot of injections, especially if you're running shorter esters that requires everday injections.

    I just wanted to know is it okay to mix your gh,igf and slin all into one pin?
    Because post workout I wanted to inject 60mcg igf, 5 ius slin, and 4 ius gh.
    But, rather than doing it seperately, is it okay to do it all in one shot?
    Will mixing these together cause degradation?
    It would be a damn shame to waste this expensive ass ****!

    Also, I will run test with this cycle.
    I haven't heard of anybody ever mixing their oils with gh, igf, or slin.
    Or am I just wrong? Is it okay?

    How would you set up your injection schedule for a similar cycle?
    Any help would be appreciated...

  2. You haven't heard of it, because common sense would tell u not to do it. Do u plan to measure 5iu's of slin and 40 mcg of igf-1 into a 3cc syringe?

    Or maybe u plan to be able to draw up the roids into a 1cc syringe. The needle on the 1cc syringes is way too fine to effeciently run the oil through, not to mention how blunt it would get after poking through like 5 different vials before injecting.

    Mix the igf-1, and slin for an IM shot, shoot the GH sub-q, and the roids IM in a 3cc syringe.

  3. No **** huh?

  4. But what about mixing both gh and igf into one pin for IM inject?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pinnme
    But what about mixing both gh and igf into one pin for IM inject?
    you could do that if you choose, i personally like to shoot GH sub-q, but if going IM you could def mix the GH/IGF/ and/or slin.

  6. Would it be a problem to mix my IGF and HCG in the same syringe?


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