IGF1 ??????????

  1. IGF1 ??????????

    Just coming off a 20 week cycle

    IGF1 40mcg ed
    HCG 100iu ed
    clomid 100mg ed
    nolva 40mg ed

    So far I took 4 injects of IGF1
    Right after the gym I take 40mcg of IGF1.
    I have been smoking weed ed for many years now. Only smoke at night.
    The other night I thought I was having a heart attack, when I took one hit of the blunt.
    I had a pain in my chest like I never felt before. My hole body went
    stiff as a board. It felt like my heart stopped. Went to the doctor the next day. He told me
    that my heart was all raced up like he never seen before. He asked me what I was taking, I told him nothing.
    I told him I smoke weed. he thinks the weed was laced with some type of heavey upper. I have not smoked since.
    Today my chest still does not feel right.

    Is weed and IGF1 a bad mix?
    please advise
    In need of much info

  2. You did a twenty week cycle and you smoke weed while on PCT? And your questioning the IGF-1.
    I dont look down on anyone that smokes weed but there is a time for it and right now you should probably leave the weed alone.

  3. What is the problem with smoking weed in PCT or on the gear?

  4. yeah - leave the gonja alone. i dont "think" the weed has any synergistic(sp) effect with the IGF. I ran igf and smoked weed no problems. give up the blunts - get a bong - save your lungs

  5. my chest is killing me right now, not sure what to do. i took a 40mcg after the gym today around 8ish

  6. I just deleted you damn thread not more than an hour ago because of the rec drug questions..NOW you are gone.. by by bye


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