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  1. General Info and input

    I've been on the site for a while now and I do a lot of research on exercise and supplements but I'm not sure about the peptide craze and what it has to offer (GHRP6, etc). First off, I am not planning on using any of these compounds but I would like to know what the real benefits and possible gains from people that have used GHRP-6......I am not fond of internet searches that are loaded with false facts and sales pitches, so I thought I would just ask. Keep in mind; I'm not planning on using-I'm just curious if this stuff works or if it's just another bogus GH wannabe. Thanks

  2. They're pretty awesome. U get what u want out of them, if u want to loss weight while sculpting body u have to use them one way. If u want to promote anabolic growth u have to use them another way. They are great in pct, on cycle, or off.

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