IM / Sub-q inj IGF cycle

  1. IM / Sub-q inj IGF cycle

    Just in case anyone is curious, I am doing an igf cycle right now, 40mcgs per day. I am doing 20mcgs sub-q and 20mcgs IM post work out for a total of 40mcgs a day. On non workout days I am doing 40mcgs sub-q only. I am cutting right now and will be doing this for 25 days. I have done a previous cycle of IGF IM at 40mcgs a day with some positive results, such as limitied fat gain(but not noticable loss), reversed testicular atrophy (coming of an 8 week cycle) and fuller muscles. Good stuff.

  2. why the mixed type injections? in the end how will you know which one produced the results?

    Im curious about this because im setting up a cycle myself. so far im leaning towards IM.

  3. I guess I kinda wont know, but I will know that If I get better results this time it was because of sub q, because I have run an IM cycle before.

  4. why only sub-q on nonworkout days.? and when you do your IM's, are you using sites of muscles worked that day or just wherever is convenient?

    sorry if im nagging with questions. im trying do decide the best way to use this in my next cycle.

    oh yeah, how were the results of your previous cycle?
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  5. The results of my previous cycle were: reversed testiculat atrophy (I was coming off cycle) and limited fat gain.

    I am using it sub-q on non workout days because post workout IGF receptors in muscles are more active, so when you are not working out why inject into muscles (I am trying to find out). I inject into the muslce worked. No problem with the questions, I enjoy answering them, feel free to ask as many as youd like.



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