syringe for IM inject of igf

  1. syringe for IM inject of igf

    Okay, so I have 29g 1/2" 1/2cc syringe for sub-1 injection.
    But for IM injection, I don't think 1/2" is long enough.
    Where do you guys find slin pins for IM injections?

  2. 1/2" will be long enough. Just don't try and pin your glutes, which you wouldn't want to do anyway b/c many feel that igf creates site specific growth. So stick w/bis, tris, delts, and pecs. If you had to you could go quads w/a .5" pin.

  3. think 1/2 is long enough to reach lats IM?

  4. very very easily unless of course you're a big (fat) guy.

  5. Ha I should def be fine then, thanks. I figured as much but Id rather ask than not be sure.



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