ligament tear

  1. ligament tear

    Hi ,
    I asked this question before with no success, I will give another try:
    I have torn ucl (ulnar collateral ligament ) in left elbow and damaged ucl in right elbow. Was told by a doctor to try to rehab the left elbow first , build muscles that would perform the function of torn ucl.
    I read that igf-1 might help my problem. Any input? My goal is to have localized growth of the target muscles (left and right elbows) and repair of damaged ligament (right elbow) with minimum side effects and minimize traceability of the substance.
    Thank you

  2. peptides have been shown to slightly increase ligament tear. I had a minor tear in my rotator cuff that healed much faster while on peptides than naturally. I basically did the whole 6 months that the doctors plus physical therapy said to do and i still couldnt bench to save my life. Then i started cjc 1293 and ghrp 6 3 times a day for 3 months and i forced myself to go to the gym and work at it. Started at 50% weight on anything that the rotator cuff was involved in. Then i slowly upped my weight every week and i was healed in no time. I did finish off my peptides with tb500 and then went into a test e dbol cycle.

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