i am about to start a cycle of igf-1 lr3 long 3000mcg. This will be my first cycle of any supplement. I recently recieved the vile in the mail where it was overnighted and shipped at room temperature for about 24 hours. I have seen a variety of sources, some which say this is not a big deal and others that say it will effect the potency of the igf. Is this true? I am also looking for suggestions on how much to inj. i will be working out 4 times a week and was told to inj only on work days directly after the workout. I was informed to purchase a 1 cc body and to start on the first week at the 2nd mm line then the next week move up to the third line. I was also instructed to inj into the stomache. It is really that vital to inj immediately after a workout or is a hour wait not a big deal. I appreciate all advice and suggestions. thank you.