Serotropin w/ red tops.

  1. Serotropin w/ red tops.

    Anyone heard or used them before. They come in 20 IU vials.
    I'd like to try them out just wondering if anyone has an opinion.

  2. Yeah my guys got me, I can't afford em but I want em. I'd run them with ghrp/ghrh, 2-3 iu about 10 mins after my ghrp/ghrh injections at 3x a day. I'm not a fan of blasting them but I know people who have. They all say u got to run them for 6 months. If u get. If u get legit ones ur gtg it just depends on it source

  3. I just saw the kits. They look bunk. The powder was all loose and there wasn't half as much as in a 10 IU ( powder disk) vial. Not worth the risk

  4. That sux, the red tops a buddy of mine gets are legit. One of the users been blasting 10iu a day for like 4 months know and he looks insane.

  5. I was wrong his we're yellow



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